Member Spotlight

Jim and Dawn Baldwin  –  1967 Chevy II Nova Sport Coupe

This Chevy II ( called “Little Blue” ) was purchased new, March 9th, 1968 from Jess Tepner Chevrolet, Creighton, NE by Dawn’s stepdad, Larry Thompson of Winnetoon, NE. Larry was just out of the Air Force and spotted this little gem on the showroom floor.  The price was $2,752.10.  After trading in a ’61 Ford Galaxie convertable for $777.10, he ended up paying $1,775.00.

This Nova is powered by the original 283 – V8 engine and a 2-speed Powerglide transmission.

Larry’s mother drove the car for a number of years as Larry had to drive his personal pickup, working as a Service Man for Sears.

Following a hailstorm in Hastings, the car underwent some bodywork in August, 2006 to fix the damage, dings, and some rust on the tops of the front fenders.  The side trim moldings were removed to prevent the constant build up of dirt, and a new coat of the original “Marina Blue” paint was added.

“Little Blue” has conquered two “Tour Nebraska” events ( 2017 & 2018 ) and turned over 90,000 miles during the 2017 event.  It’s registered, and ready, for “Tour Nebraska 2019”.

Sadly, Larry passed away a number of years ago. We especially enjoy this car because of it’s family history, and will eventually be passed down to our daughter, Kaylee.

We have a second car with family history:  a 1938 Ford Standard Business Coupe that belonged to Jim’s great grandfather. Plans are being made to begin work on the car this year. The ’38 will also remain in the family, and will eventually go to our son, Zane.