The July meeting of the Hastings Melon Roasters was held at the First United Methodist Church on Tuesday – July 2nd, with 25 members attending.

The Melon Roasters “Cruise Night” will be Friday – July 19st at Hastings Sonic – 6:00 – ?
Non-members welcome.  Park in the grass lot on the south side of Sonic.

The historical sign for Brickyard Park is now in production. The sign will be delivered to the city of Hastings, and they will install the sign and it’s base. Steve Cropley was able to secure original Brickyard Bricks for the City to use around the base. Hopefully, we can have this completed around the time of our August Car Show.

Sign up sheets for our August 25th Car Show have made the rounds at our last meeting, and will be sent around again at our August 6th meeting. ( At Brickyard Park )  We had quite a few sign up, but still have plenty more spots to fill. Don’t be shy.  These are not tough jobs.  🙂

Hugh Martin is donating a few items of his craftsmanship and Jan Schawang will be offering artworks for raffle prizes at this years’ show.  We will be raffling off one ticket for $5.00 or 5 tickets for $20.00.

Time is fast approaching for us to be gathering Sponsorships for this years’ show.  We ask our members to seek out Trophy Sponsors wherever they can.  Sponsorships are as follows:  Bronze ( $25.00 ) – Silver ( $50.00 ) – Gold ( $100.00 ) and Diamond ( $500.00 ) Deadline for turning in Sponsors is August 15th.  Please turn in Sponsors to Jan Schawang, Steve Cropley, Mike Lamoree, or Jack Newlun.

Mike Lamoree has layed out our “Car Art” design for this years show.  33 – vehicles will be needed to form the number “10” ( recognizing our 10th year of our show ) The “0” will also look like the “Peace Symbol”.  If you have not yet done so, please sign your vehicle up to participate in this event by calling Mike Lamoree at 402-469-3514.

Start filling up those milk jugs / pop bottles with water and putting them in your freezer, for we will need all those frozen items for our watermelon tanks. A new twist will be added to our watermelon booth this year:  Roasted Melon Slices!  Yep. Not kidding!

Another favor we ask, is for our members to Pre-Register their vehicle for the show by next meeting. ( Aug. 6th @ Brickyard – 7:00 )  It’s only $5.00 and it helps Lesa out tremendously by doing this.

One last item ( as my fingers are getting tired ) . . . . the “Toast Before The Roast” will be held at Brickyard Park the night before the show.  ( Saturday, August 24th )  Garry Wittenbach ( as usual ) will be throwing out quite the main dish for us.  More on this awesome feast later on . . . . .

Until then . . . . Keep enjoying your Summer!
– Mike