July News Letter –


The July meeting of the Hastings Melon Roasters was held on Tuesday July 11th, at the First United Methodist Church with 33 members attending.
Melon Roast is just around the corner, so most of the meeting concentrated on things we need to do before it gets here.
First, please start approaching businesses about sponsoring trophies.  These sponsorships are very important to the success of the show.  If you are not sure if a business has already sponsored please contact Steve Cropley C: (402)984-1945.
The sign-up sheet went around for duties during the Melon Roast.  We got a good start, but there are still many positions we need to fill.  If you have a specific area you are interested in you can contact Steve Cropley and he can get you on the list.  Please keep in mind as our show gets bigger the more help we are going to need.  We try to set up the sheet in shifts so you are not stuck doing one job all day (we want you to have time to enjoy the show too).  Your next opportunity to sign up will be the August 1st meeting.  As in the past that meeting will be held at Brickyard Park and the club will provide pizza and pop for everyone.  To get your pizza all you have to do is put your name on the sign up sheet.
If you have anything you or your employer would like to donate for our door-prize drawings we do throughout the show please bring it to the next meeting.  It can be anything from car care products, to caps and koozies, to signs and tools.
We have a beautiful framed print of the Brickyard Park Chimney we are going to be raffling during the show.  We hope to maybe add a couple more items to the raffle list as well.
We are going to try something new this year.  The past few years we have tried to take a photo of each vehicle as it enters the park.  We have of course used these in the show DVD.  This year each participant will be given the opportunity to purchase 8×10 copies of those photos.  They will be handed an order envelope as they arrive.  They will fill it out and enclose their payment and turn it into the registration table before the end of the show.  Their photos will then be printed and mailed to them.
We will also be changing our balloting a little bit this year.  To make it faster for the participants as well as the vote tallying crew, each person will vote for their 5 favorite cars instead of 10.  We will still hand out trophies to the Top 10 vote getters.  Also Bonny Rainforth has graciously volunteered to set up an X-cel  program we can use to tally our votes.  This should make the process quicker, more accurate and less labor intensive for all involved.
Please start freezing milk jugs, pop bottles, etc., full of water.  We use these jugs of ice to keep the watermelons we serve cool.  It is usually pretty toasty on Melon Roast day so we need a lot of ice to last the whole show.  Start freezing now and bring them to the park on show day.
Lastly, if you would like your car in the “Car Art” for the show please contact Mike Lamoree C: (402)469-3514.  This year’s design is a “Heart” in honor of our designated charity The American Heart Association.
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