August News Letter –

The August meeting of the Hastings Melon Roasters was held at the Pavilion in Brickyard Park on Tuesday August 7th with 36 members attending.
If you have trophy sponsors lined up for the this year’s show, please turn it into one of our officers by this Friday, August 17th.  This needs to be done so the sponsors’ name can be included on the recognition sign for the show.
We will be selling T-shirts again at this year’s show.  The design is a patriotic theme, in order to show support for our veterans.
The VFW chapter from Kearney asked permission to set up a booth at the show.  They will be selling raffle tickets for 2 Henry Rifles.  So bring your extra money folks!  These, along with our club raffle items, are all pretty cool, and all of the money goes to support great causes.
Mike Lamoree is still in need of 10 more cars for this year’s Car Art.  If you would like to have your car in this design (remember you have to have your car at the park at 8:00am and it must remain parked in the design until the end of the show, 4:00pm) call Mike Lamoree at 402-469-3514.
Please remember to bring your frozen jugs of water to put in the watermelon tank. Nobody likes warm watermelon! 😁
Next week, I will be sending out a copy of the duty roster for the show.  We are currently needing a few more helpers.  We have openings in parking, gate guards, watermelon servers and T-shirt & raffle sales.  If you are able to help please contact Mike Lamoree 402-469-3514.  Remember. . .  the more people signed up makes it easier for everyone.
The Saturday night before the show (August 25) we will once again have the “Toast Before the Roast” at the Brickyard Pavilion at 6:00pm.  Once again, member Gary Wittenbach will be grilling a main dish for us. Please bring a dessert or side dish to share.  The club will provide drinks and table service.  This is where we can discuss last minute issues and get geared up for the show the next day.
President of the Board, Steve Cropley presenting a $1,000.00 check to the Cardio Pulmanary Rehab of Mary Lanning Health Care