July News Letter –

The July meeting of the Hastings Melon Roasters was held at the First United Methodist Church in Hastings, on July 10th, with 26 members attending.
The Bi-Laws for the Melon Roaster Club have been updated and are finished.  Copies will be available at meetings for members to read.
It’s that time again folks.  Melon Roast is less than 2 months away.  Many details for the show were discussed at the meeting.  Most important, the sign-up sheets for duties during the show were ready.  If you were not at the meeting and have a specific area you would like to sign up for please contact Mike Lamoree @ (402)469-3514.  You will also have one more chance to sign up at the August 7th meeting.
The “Car Art” sign up sheet was also at the meeting and still has empty spots.  This years Car Art will spell out the initials D.A.V. (in honor of our charity the Disable American Veteran Post here in Hastings).  We need a total of 29 cars, and remember, your car must stay in the art throughout the entire show.
We will be doing 2 raffles this year at our show.  The first raffle item is a hand made metal car, created and welded by our member Hugh Martin.  All proceeds will be donated to the Hasting D.A. V. post.  The second item is a grouping of 3 canvas photography prints of some classic vehicles that have found the end of the road in a local junk yard. (photos were taken by McKenna Lamoree)  The proceeds from this raffle will be used toward purchasing the historical marker for Brickyard Park.  Tickets for both will be 1 for $10 or 3 for $20.
Now is also the time to start freezing milk jugs full of water, so we have ice for the watermelon tanks on the day of the show.  We need a lot of ice that day, so we appreciate the help!
This Friday is the Recovery in the Park at Chautauqua Park in Hastings 6:00pm.  As in past years they would love to have as many members as possible bring their cars.  They give us a place to park right out front of the pavilion and feed us grilled burgers and hotdogs.  For more information you can find the flier posted on the Melon Roaster website.
Our next Sonic Cruise night will be held at the Hastings Sonic Drive-In on Friday July 20th starting at 6:00pm.
The August Melon Roaster meeting will be held at the Brickyard Park Pavilion with the club providing pizza and pop.  The meeting will be on Tuesday August 7th at 7:00pm.
Also we are still in need of sponsors for this year’s show.  The minimum amount is $25.00 (bronze sponsor), $50.00 (silver sponsor) $100.00 (gold sponsor) $500.00 (diamond sponsor).  Please ask businesses you patronize if they would be sponsors.  They will have their business name displayed at the show, also the DJ will be announcing sponsor names several times throughout the show.  Deadline for sponsors in Friday August 17th.
Remember . . . . if you are going to a show, please get some Melon Roast Car Show fliers to hand out.  Please contact Mike Lamoree 402-469-3514, Steve Cropley 402-984-1945, or Dave Schawang 402-463-2830 to get some fliers to pass out at these events.
President of the Board, Steve Cropley presenting a $1,000.00 check to the Cardio Pulmanary Rehab of Mary Lanning Health Care