June News Letter –


The June meeting of the Hastings Melon Roasters was held at the First United Methodist Church in Hastings on June 6th, with over 30 members present.
Danielle Wagoner with the Lochland Country Club was approached by the Kool-Aid Committee about taking over the Kool-Aid Car Cruise this coming Aug. 12th.  This event would start right after the Lochland Car Show. She has asked the Melon Roasters to help her out with this event.
Mike Lamoree will head up the Melon Roasters responsibilities and work with Danielle to bring this event back to the fun cruise it once was.
We have a new bricklayer lined up to re-build our wall for the sign at Brickyard Park.  We hope to have the new wall constructed and the sign in place within the end of July.
The Melon Roaster Car Calendar is coming back.  Due to timing issues it will not be a 2018 calendar.  We are going to start taking pictures and fundraising later this summer / fall and will have it put together and ready to go for 2019.  We will be taking pictures of 2 cars at a time in front of various Hastings landmarks and points of interest.  This means there will be only 24 cars in the calendar, but the photos will be larger and will feature the cars more prominently.   More information will follow on picture dates and locations.
We are going to start a new Melon Roasters Facebook page this summer.  Chris Lundquist has volunteered to work on this project.  We will post more information as this project progresses.
Car show season is upon us, so if you are traveling to a show please contact Steve Cropley at (402-984-1945) to get some 2017 Melon Roast fliers to hand out.
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